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The following are the rosters and schedule for the '01-'03 Birth Year 3 v 3 tournament.


Swagcity Saints  (SS)  
Meyer Caleb
Walsh John
Cangemi CJ
Crouch-Pickup Caleb
Shaw Grace
Reston Adrienne
Cangemi Mia
Millspaugh Katherine
Grasso Gianni
Weingart Benjamin
Busytown Bruins (BB)  
Laird Kasey
Prince Bennett
Pitka Ryan
Booth Myah
Kane Ian
Smith Tyler
Jeneault Jillian
Towne Haydn
Hauf Riley
Walsh Aaron
Upper Rubberboot Aces (URA)  
Williams Alex
Armstrong Steven
Spinosa Luke
Holtz Anthony
LeGrette Nathan
Harvieux Oliver
Mattice Zack
Moore Samuel
Marshall Nathanael
Buklin Sean
Moosejaw Generals (MG)  
Zimmerman John
McMullen Matthew
McCool Conor
Friel Caleb
Spychalski Dominick
Coffey Daniel
Thayer Huck
Bears Chance






Younger Age Schedule
Thursday March 5th white   dark
6:00 SS v   BB
6:25 SS v   URA
6:50 MG v   URA
  Cut Ice    
7:35 MG v   SS
8:05 URA v   BB
8:30 MG v   BB
Thursday March 12th      
6:00    SS      (1) v   MG (4)
6:30          BB(2) v  URA (3)
  Cut Ice    
7:10 Championship*
*2/15 Min periods