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 **REVISED 2/23/2010**
Below are the team assignments and schedules for Spring Hockey 2010.

Please note that due to the number of kids that registered we have added an extra session for a total of 11 games.

Parents, if you volunteered to help with the clock, score keeping or bench please be prepared to do so on the first night.  We will be there to help facilitate volunteers. 

Please note parents working the bench are there to make sure there are 5 skaters on the ice at a time and other than helping the youngest understand where to line up on face offs, there should be NO COACHING.  This is an opportunity for the kids to play the game on their own in a safe environment.

Monday & Wednesdays 5:30 PM - 6:20 PM  (March 1st through April 5)
Light Dark
Avila, Luke Cangemi, CJ
Best, Nolan Cangemi, Mia
Cole, Simon Dreisbach, Zachary
Fronczak, Nick Dunton, Blake
Harvieux, Griffin Grover, Dylan
Henry, Liam Hall, Edward
Joseph, Reilly Henry, Nathan
Laird, Kasey Lennon, Matthew
Marshall, Nathaniel Park, Keon-Woo
Meyer, Caleb Rhoda, Rebecca
Mitchell, Samuel Romashko, Owen
Nicoletti, Daniel Searls, Spencer
Nixon, Brenna Stock, Shane
Nixon, Brett Thayer, Huck
Rhoda, Eli Thayer, Sutherland
Rogers, Tyler  

Monday & Wednesdays 6:30 PM - 7:20 PM  (March 1st through April 5)
Light Dark
Berdy, Aidan Benham, Grey
Cichetti, Michael Best, Evan
Cleason, Jacob Cleason, Zachary
Dragomani, Owen Collins, Derek
Dreisbach, Jake Dutcher, Jackson
Egidi, Evan Frazo, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Patrick Gelabert, Connor
Hauf, Riley Hawkins, Ryan
Huber, Kyle Herendeen, Joshua
Ierlan, Chayse Klass, Sidney
Kurz, Will Kurz, Noah
Miller, Lukas Personale, Michael
Owens, Ethan Schwartz, Noah
Susa, Jordan Van Stralen, Nikolle
  Wells Garrett, Nicholas

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 PM - 6:20 PM  (March 2nd through April 6)
Light Dark
Birkemeier, Zach Boyce, Parker
Bond, Griffin Clarke, Reverdy
Conklin, Eric Cooper, Dylan
Crouch-Pickup, Caleb Cutri, Cole
Davis, Gavin Gelabert, Kylie
Friel, Caleb Grasso, Gianni
Harvieux, Oliver Kane, Ian
Herr-Gesell, Andrew LeGrette, Nathan
Holtz, Anthony McCool, Conor
Lawton, Evan McMullen, Matt
McGrain, Aidan McWilliams, Carter
Miller, Donovan Prince, Bennett
Saxby, Owen Reston, Adrienne
Schwartz, Lucas Shaw, Grace
Walsh, John Smith, Tyler
Weingart, Ben Walsh, Aaron
  Werth, Samuel

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 PM - 7:20 PM  (March 2nd through April 6)
Light Dark
Cary, Bennett Alexander, Matthew
Corey, Jacob Bernatovich, Tyler
Davis, Logan Frelier, David
Harding, Sam Goldstin, Hunter
Kane, Ryan Griffin, Justin
Kates, Markas Gwynn, Andrew
Kibler, Will Hansen, Eric
McWilliams, Jarrett Johnson, Mitchell
Merdak, Jesse Logan, Spencer
Patterson, Will Miller, Kai
Post, Joe Murch, Nick
Post, Mary Priolo, Jarred
Reston, Jack Reston, Mac
Savard, Jakob Rolfe, Justin
Stahl, Tyler Ruckle, Lucas
Swartzman, Isaac Schenkel, Buddy
Trillaud, Jeremy Smith, Peyton
Udovich, Jordan Spitz, Damien
Van Stralen, Noah Towne, Dylan
Yale, Maxwell Van Stralen, Neale